Dementia Diagnostics

Differential diagnosis of dementia using an EEG based biomarker. Together with Mentis Cura a medical research company we introduce Sigla - the advanced diagnostic aid for dementia.

Alzheimer Dementia Diagnosis - Software

For this application the NeuroSpeed software acquires only five minutes of resting EEG with eyes closed. The data are transmitted to Sigla for differential dementia diagnosis. Within minutes of a new EEG recording being presented, Sigla is able to compare and analyse the data and deliver its report directly to the clinician. The analysis result is integrated into the NeuroSpeed report featuring the Mentis Cura DementiaGramTM and the EEG CholinergicIndexTM.
Using the EEG clinicians can access individual evidence-based reports detailing two critical perspectives:

  • The potential cause of cognitive impairment and dementia - helping the professional to differentiate between degenerative disorders of the brain.
  • Cholinergic activity - an accurate snapshot or index that acts as benchmark for systematic minitoring and responsiveness to treatment.