Convincing in signal quality, application flexibility, and expansion possibilities for up to 128 channel recordings.

EEG hardware

The AlphaEEG amplifier offers up to 128 channels for surface EEG or electrocorticographic recordings.
AlphaEEG can be used with standard cup electrodes fitted with DIN 1.5 mm safety connection cables, as well as bridge, subdural and depth electrodes. For extra fast and easy setup the alphaEEG can be supplied with a cap connector and matching electrode caps.
The AlphaEEG amplifier offers referential and additional bipolar channels. On top of this it can be equipped with an integrated SpO2, Flow and Pressure module for Sleep applications, allowing for routine EEG recording and Polysomnography with one amplifier.
Network compatible
AlphaEEG amplifiers are network enabled and fit perfectly into a hospital LAN topology.