EMG module

alpha trace EMG module offers the revolutionary continuous data recording, allowing for reanalysing and measuring and reducing the actual needle time.

EMG Overview

The EMG package delivers ease of use for myographic studies. Capture and analyze insertion activity, MUAP, and interference.
Adjust windows, amplitude-, and time scales as required; these settings are automatically stored.
Select from a detailed muscle list and predefine a sequence of tests to be performed, add muscles as required during the study. Customize your list of muscles.
Windows for ongoing EMG data display, cascaded data display, detail window, MUAP class window. Select trigger level and width.
Trigger based automatic MUAP detection and classification. Automatic calculation of MUAP parameters: amplitude, duration, phases, turns, size index.
Since the EMG raw data are stored a review of raw data and reanalyses are possible.
Report generation with graphic and table insertion and customized report templates. Review EMG on networked review stations with the EMG review software option.
Review all tests performed on a patient including Neurography, EEG, EP, SLEEP, EMG if applicable and software option installed.
Export/import tests in alpha trace native format or EDF format (where applicable) if required.