EP module

The alpha trace EP module supports modalities for acoustic, visual, and somatosensory stimulation and averaging of brain response for EP-testing and cognitive research.

EP Overview

Perform your EP (AEP, VEP, SEP, MEP) studies with preset setting options, select from lists of predefined tests, change stimulation parameters as required, automatic component detection, overlay, odd/even averaging, Left/Right display, difference displays, and the proven ease of use of alpha trace products. 
For more sophisticated applications all EP data are stored and ready for re-analysis and further evaluation.
Use the integrated report editor inserting graphics and tables for your report documents.
The GraphicWorkingPlan allows for easy access to all recordings in your lab. Each session icon exhibits the date and time of the recording, the patient name and a pictogram representing the type of recording (EEG, AEP, VEP, SEP, NLG, EMG, SLEEP). Review EP data on any alpha trace review station with the EP software option.
Define EP components as required (a basic set for routine applications is standard). Use predefined normative data or make up your own normative data base.