Epilepsy Monitoring

alpha trace epilepsy monitoring solutions guarantee time synchronized EEG and video long-term recordings.

Epilepsy monitoring

Especially for clarification of epileptic activity a typical 20 minutes routine EEG recording will not be sufficient. Prolonged recording for days or even weeks, as well as high resolution EEGs may be required. The VIDEO module has become an indispensable tool in the field of epilepsy monitoring, in order to document behaviour and clinical symptoms. alpha trace systems offer robust and modular technology for time-synchronized video EEG up to 256 channels surface EEG or electrocorticographic recordings.

A basic requirement in epilepsy monitoring is to find correlations of patient behaviour and EEG activity. Therefor alpha trace supports the diagnosis of seizures versus non-epileptic attacks, and helps to localize seizures.

To allow for patient freedom within the recording room and bathroom facilities we present a very small body worn amplifier with long cables.

A separate video monitoring central station with split screen display may be added to a typical epilepsy monitoring unit.