Nerve Conduction Study

We offer NCS solutions designed to integrate seamlessly into your routine workflow and ensuring accurate and reliable results, thereby meeting the needs of any advanced specialist.

NCS Overview

According to International Standards


Using the Evidence NCS solutions you can perform almost all known techniques. In recent decades the technique standards were accepted and established. These are special algorithms to study different pathologies, calculations intended for each test, reference values, etc. The list of tests made with Evidence solutions meets the international standards of NCS study.


Modular Architecture


All Evidence devices are connetcted via USB. It allows combining them flexibly to arrange a configuration corresponding to your own requirements.


Easy-to-use systems of expert class


Evidence NCS systems take the convenience and ergonomics to the next level. Using the dedicated keyboard you can easily start and stop the stimulation, change the stimulus intensity and duration, arrange marker positions, run new tests, start signal monitoring, enter the measured distance, etc. The adjustable electro stimulating probe (option) is equipped with buttons to run single and repetitive stimulation, separate button to change the stimulus polarity and scroller to increase/decrease the stimulus intensity. This probe is convenient to use for right-handed and left-handed specialists. The footswitch (option) with software-controlled buttons to run and stop stimulation frees your hands and lets you focus on complex nerve searching.