Hours of EEG on a single screen: NeuroTrend graphically visualizes the results of several hours of EEG on a bedside monitor to allow quick assessment of state and trend of the patient.


We introduce “NeuroTrend”, a new system for automatic analysis and trending of continuous EEG recordings from critically ill patients. NeuroTrend automatically determines Main Terms and most important Modifiers of the ACNS’ standardized critical care EEG terminology. It produces a graphical representation, allowing reading off trends in the neurological state of the patients. 


Changes and trends within seconds

NeuroTrend detects periodic discharges, rhythmic delta-, theta- and alpha activity, spike-waves and sporadic spikes including their localization, frequency and amplitude. The physician gathers significant patterns and their changes and trends within a few



Many hours of EEG on a single screen

NeuroTrend extracts essential EEG information from ICU patients and compiles a condensed graphical representation on a single screen. You can zoom in from minutes to days in order to get the amount of details needed.


Implements the new ACNS standard

NeuroTrend is based on the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society’s Standardized Critical Care EEG Terminology. It continuously parses your EEG recordings and automatically classifies epochs according to Main Terms I and II and selected Modifiers of this standardized terminology.