All our electrodiagnostic products are powered by alpha trace’s NeuroSpeed software jointly developed for optimal interaction with dedicated alpha trace hardware components. For our customers this assures optimally matched system components.

The NeuroSpeed software provides the basis on which to build a complete lab for neurodiagnostics, consisting of EEG, SLEEP, EP, EMG, NCS recordings with one common database and one consistent...


The AlphaView software enables NeuroSpeed users to export recorded data onto a portable device. AlphaView exportet data are typically used for presentations, consultations, and as print out substitutes.

EEG module

The alpha trace NeuroSpeed EEG module focuses on usability and speed, setting the standard for what is needed by an EEG specialist.

SLEEP module

The alpha trace SLEEP module offers modalities for automatic and manual sleep staging and sleep event detection, as well as manual live evaluation.

VIDEO module

State of the art digital video technologies are used to store patient behaviour in synchrony with the recorded neurophysiological data.


This module allows for review of recorded EEG/Polygraphy data and video side by side, on two screens.

QEEG module

The optional alpha trace QEEG module calculates and displays amplitude maps for EEG and spectra in multiple analysis windows.

CSA module

This optional NeuroSpeed software module delivers compressed spectral arrays with user adjustable settings. Especially a valuable tool for left/right EEG activity comparison during an operation.

TREND module

The NeuroSpeed TREND module includes a compressed display of selected recorded channels, colour coded density spectral arrays and coherence trends. This module is a valuable tool for prolonged EEG and...


Hours of EEG on a single screen: NeuroTrend graphically visualizes the results of several hours of EEG on a bedside monitor to allow quick assessment of state and trend of...

NCS module

The NCS module offers graphical aid on techniques for mesurement and electrodes positioning, as well as templates with adjustable norm values.

EP module

The alpha trace EP module supports modalities for acoustic, visual, and somatosensory stimulation and averaging of brain response for EP-testing and cognitive research.

EMG module

alpha trace EMG module offers the revolutionary continuous data recording, allowing for reanalysing and measuring and reducing the actual needle time.