We and our distribution partners are eager to fully understand our customers' requirements. Building on proven components in hard- and software the solutions we offer can be customized according to specifications.
Routine EEG

alpha trace offers proven and easy to use routine EEG solutions for neurophysiology labs as well as private neurology practice. 

Epilepsy Monitoring

alpha trace epilepsy monitoring solutions guarantee time synchronized EEG and video long-term recordings.

Intensive Care

Mobile alpha trace solutions can alternately be used in the routine EEG lab and ICU/OR for surface, subdural, and depth electrodes EEG recordings.

Transportable Solutions

Certain applications require transportable EEG system solutions, such as: recordings for suspected brain death, Holter EEG for ambulatory 24h recording...


alpha trace sleep systems offer solutions for infant and adult sleep by adhering to international standards such as AASM and DGSM.

Nerve Conduction Study

We offer NCS solutions designed to integrate seamlessly into your routine workflow and ensuring accurate and reliable results, thereby meeting the needs of any advanced specialist.

Evoked Potentials

alpha trace EP systems feature continuous data recording enabling on/off line averaging and single sweep analysis.


alpha trace EMG systems offer a revolutionary concept with continuous data recording allowing for reduced needle time.


Professional solutions for objective monitoring of Sleep Quality, Energy Expenditure, Physical Activity, Heart Rate Variability, Brain Activity, Muscle Reflex and Patient Recorded Outcome.