Transportable Solutions

Certain applications require transportable EEG system solutions, such as: recordings for suspected brain death, Holter EEG for ambulatory 24h recording...

Transportable Overview


This device features a sturdy system case containing all system components. The CaseEEG system is typically equipped with the 32 channel AlphaEEG amplifier embedded in a notebook case. EEG electrodes are connected to a compact mini head box. The mini head box attaches to the AlphaEEG amplifier via a robust cable with push-pull connector technology.

The alpha trace CaseEEG system can be used with standard cup electrodes, bridge or needle electrodes fitted with DIN 1,5 mm safety connection cables. For extra fast and easy setup the alpha trace CaseEEG can also be supplied with a cap connector cable and matching electrode caps.



This compact amplifier offers 24 channels for online amplifier applications or recorder capability. As the CaseEEG system, the MiniRecorder can be used with electrodes fitted with DIN 1,5mm safety connection cables, or equipped with a cap connector and matching electrode caps. For ambulatory recordings the MiniRecorder is body worn and protected in a special carry bag with adjustable shoulder and waist belts.